Fabscrap is about the
beauty of imperfectio
It is presented as a concept
rather than a traditional collection.

At Forbo Flooring Systems we aim at creating better environments. We are concerned about your health, your safety and well-being. For this reason we offer products that are durable and environmentally sound. In addition to this we are also concious about the way we manufacture our products, reducing, recycling and reusing waste and rest material wherever we can.

Fabscrap is a homogeneous floor covering that has been created by using all the rest material of the Sphera production runs, creating a new colourful chip mix that is processed into a vivid, creative and random floor pattern which resembles a rich and colourful Terrazzo style homogeneous vinyl floor.

Fabscrap is a fabulous solution for material that otherwise would not be used. The concept starts with an offer of four different baseline varieties, each with a colourful individual chip mix.

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